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Brand New Pix


What a day..  Chillen with some family friends.. im selling their numbers for 5 bucks a piece.. If you want my sisters number I wll slice your neck.  Also, look how much bigger then guns were before I got sick. 


Look at the Rav4..  The chop c*cks New Ride.  I finally got rid of that damn red beast.. what now Amy lynn?.. You and your boyfriend should be sent over to afghanistan you little slut.


The explorer, another reason I hate those little spics around the corner, look what they did to the car.  What spic works on a car, on a 2 way street, without a license, and opens the door when another car is coming by.  He was lucky the cops showed up I wanted to fucking kill him because he started getting stupid with my dad.  Good thing he moved I might of torched his house and made some extra crispy tacos out of his ass.


Lucas don't cry over deborah.. look at that little gremlin!