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Some more stories....


After trying to influence Steve to go on a mission with me to find Bin Laden and recover a 250,000 dollar reward.  Steve backed out and I went ahead and found Bin Laden.  He was hiding at the little store next to the harrison train station.


LoL, this picture says it all.  So here is the story behind it.  It was a friday night and my girlfriend just so happened to be leaving the next morning.  I was spending a relaxed night with her when at about 11:30 P.M I get a phone call from none other then Joe.  Joe begins to explain to me how he was hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Dayna and her friend.  Dayna is known to make people drink a lot! so I knew what was coming.  He told me Pump was loaded as hell and he was in the bathroom passed out.  After a few shits and giggles I realized the severity of the situation and TOOK MY GIRLFRIEND HOME EARLY ON THE LAST NIGHT SHE WAS HERE.  I went to the location where Joe and Mike had been drinking (where the hell do you think they were at???? Joes brothers house).  I find Mike passed the hell out in that exact position.  I took this picture for legal reasons in case he died lol.  I don't want to get into too many details because he might be embarrased, but just I-M me and I will let u know. 

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This is me and my girlfriend in front of the Museum.  She is always trying to make me smarter.  I actually wouldn't mind going there if it was over 0 DEGREES.  I was freezing my nuts off.