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Pictures continued

Random pictures..

Here is pump being his usual cocky self.  Rocking that hollister shirt, uninvited just rolled up like he owned the joint.  And you know what, he did.  Nicole Santos's graduation party was hit up by the A-team.  Hey why do you guys think Lucas never came back?



Boy o boy, what did you get yourself into pump?  I don't really remember why I was holding him because I was probably just as loaded as he was.  I think he got kicked in the nuts or something.


This is me and joe just chillen before going out on a friday night.  Guessing by the shirt I'm wearing.. that pic is from mad long ago because.. JOE WHERE IS MY SHIRT? haha.


Knowing us, we probably scared Joe at that exact second or something.  He looks pretty beat, thats what the sun does to a white boy.